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Find here:   articles; blogs; videos; organizations, clubs; competitions; Government websites  etc.

GeneralStatue of man - by Marilyn Saccardo


Learning / Teaching web & videos

PicturesDiggers hat by Steve Lloyd

Pottery suppliers

Selling online

Other Pottery clubs / news

Book lists  -Marjorie-3

A few titles to look for at your local library or  buy at these bookstores. A few search results here to help you find titles but you can vary the search to find books on your topic:

 Articles about pottery

If you have a collection of magazines but no idea which one has that special article you remember then here are a few search options to help you locate either your paper copy or in some cases a link to an online copy.  Email Bernadine at  enquiry@studiopotters.com.au   if you need an index to a specific journal title that is not covered here.

art index

To use these Databases you need to  register online for a library card  from the  National Library of Australia -e-resources


Government websites for art & craft - Australia




Images on this page are of pottery created by our members - to see more  go to  Studio Potters SA Artists works [artist menu]


Please email Bernadine at  enquiry@studiopotters.com.au  if you would like to suggest an addition to this page.

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